Doug and Sandi Kaul

We have experienced the pleasure of working with Allison Cassity on the purchase of two separate properties over the past 4 years. Allison is without a doubt, the most ethical, honest, knowledgeable real estate professional we have ever encountered. She was both the listing and selling agent on the first property we purchased. Allison took extra care to ensure we were fully aware of any issues with the property and worked with us to meet our needs.

The second parcel involved a search of over 3 years, multiple properties and likely millions of questions. Allison answered each with ease and provided tremendous guidance in helping us determine what really was our “dream parcel”.

We are so happy to recommend Allison and have done so to many of our friends also interested in the Lassen/Shasta area. You will find no better advocate when it comes to the complex world of Real Estate transactions.

Bill Farrar Jr.

I have known Allison Cassity professionally for 5 years. I have completed 4 -1031 exchanges/purchases with her over that time. One involved a vacation home and the other 3 were multi-family purchases. Allison has always put my interests first in closing deals and is a detail oriented realtor who identifies both the positive and negative sides of every deal before escrow closes. She is an excellent communicator and has an ability to find the right deal for the buyer while negotiating effectively with the seller. I have done business with other realtors but I will only do business with Allison in the future…Bill Farrar jr.

Ruth Morentz and Doug Vogt

We wanted a second home in the Fall River Valley area because of my husband’s flyfishing hobby. In my opinion, the area has always been overpriced, with limited quality properties in a limited inventory with a very limited number of buyers for the quality properties. When the market crashed in 2008 we began looking again because then the prices became more realistic and some good quality properties began to appear on the market, usually under bad circumstances. We found Allison because she was the listing agent for most of the best properties in the area. Our mothers had both been in real estate, so following the market was second nature and we had a very good sense of value and the market and what makes a great agent. Allison not only knew the market, but understood the turmoil that sellers were going through and the reality check they would undergo when the offers came in so much lower than expected. Anyone can sell houses in a good market. It takes an extraordinary agent to list and/or sell houses when prices are crashing, people are being foreclosed on, appraisals don’t support the sales prices, buyers can’t qualify, buyers want bargains, and sellers are upset at seeing their perceived equity in their homes disappear. Allison and I spent three years on and off looking for the perfect property and she never gave up. I was looking for a great property that we could obtain at a very good price, that would actually appraise, and that the seller was willing to be realistic about what it would sell for. That gave us a few wonderful properties to work with. She hung in there as we moved area locations and expectations, as my husband repeatedly got “cold feet”, as houses we made offers on didn’t work out. Once I even had to call her and tell her that we just had to give up due to changes that we were going through. She was always supportive and understanding…and tenacious in wanting to find us the right property. Even when I thought we would have to give up, she would check back just to make sure how things were with us. Finally we were in the right place to look and look we did. Two “dream homes” deals didn’t work out, but then she helped work out a deal with a listing she had for a very long time, a house I had loved from the beginning but was so far out of our price range. As it sat, she continued to try to get the sellers to understand the reality of the market. Then along we came with a low offer, which she artfully worked on with both sides until we all reached a number that we could live with. The sellers were able to finally move on with their lives and we now have a stunning log home that is now my husband’s “personal fishing lodge”. It took three years of on and off dedication as the market conditions and inventory changed, but Allison watched, waited, and negotiated to make sure we finally have our dream getaway home. Having worked through some failed deals with her, and having watched the work of some of the other agents in the area, there is no comparison. Allison is a real estate professional in an area that seems to have more than a few agents who think of real estate as a second job or a hobby. She would survive as a real estate agent even in the competitive San Francisco Bay Area market. I’d work with her again in a minute.

Jenifer Lindsay

Every agent works hard to get your business, but Allison just never stops working for you. I was telling a friend of mine about how impressed I was with her and I said “Allison drives the deal like a Maserati on a mountain road.” She is fast, powerful, and intelligent. She gets the details right, uses technology extremely well, and communicates thoroughly–all while never losing sight of the bigger picture. She shifts her focus seamlessly as the needs of a deal change with new information. Allison has a voracious appetite for information and intelligence and not just the local market wisdom, but the process of how lenders and appraisers and inspectors work. She is not one to rest on her laurels and brag about her years of experience; she stays on top of current trends and conditions and requirements. All that knowledge means that valuable time is not wasted. Possibly Allison’s greatest gift is that she is fearless in the hard conversations and difficult decisions that characterize an unsteady marketplace. She was deeply generous in the gift her time to help me understand the market conditions I found myself in as I sold my late mother’s house. Allison is a joy to work with, and she has spoiled me for anyone else.