Fall River Mills and McArthur

Nestled between Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen lies the incomparable Fall River Valley. An area comprised of the smaller communities of Fall River Mills, McArthur, Glenburn, Dana and Pittville, the Fall River Valley is known for its diverse agriculture production, as well as the vast array of recreational activities and attractions. We are a small community where most folks know each other, neighbors still help one another and one finds themselves waving at every vehicle they pass.  It is within the city limits of Fall River Mills and McArthur that you’ll find the conveniences of banking, postal services, restaurants, schools and small town shopping. 

Our community is fortunate to have health care services in the Mountain Valleys Health Centers and at Mayers Memorial Hospital. A full service hospital, complete with emergency room and ambulance service, Mayers also serves the aging community with long term care and skilled nursing facilities.  Fall River Mills is also home to an airport with a 5,000 foot runway that allows private jets and other planes to utilize the facility.

Northwest of Fall River Mills you’ll find the community of Glenburn, one of the picturesque small communities scattered throughout this scenic region.  While this community shares a zip code with Fall River Mills, it has its own unique flavor.  Glenburn’s riverfront properties and panoramic views of Lassen Peak and majestic Mt. Shasta alongside the verdant ranch land make Glenburn one of the most sought after communities in the Intermountain Area.  Crops in the area include wild rice, alfalfa and timothy hay.  Cattle are grazed throughout this area.  Fall River, which winds through this one of a kind rural community, is almost entirely spring fed and winds for 16 miles through the Fall River Valley.  Just beyond Glenburn you’ll find the very small community of Dana, where the Fall River rises nearly full sized at the Thousand Springs Ranch.  It is on the Fall River that you’ll find the famous hex hatch and world famous, blue ribbon fly-fishing.Glenburn’s stunning views, rich soil, and close proximity to lakes, rivers, and trails makes property here much sought-after. The median price of homes in the area is approximately $180,000 to $200,000, while properties with larger acreage or on the Fall River are usually priced from $350,000 to upwards of $3,500,000.

On the outskirts of McArthur is the small community of Pittville.  While it shares a zip code with the town of McArthur, the properties for sale are typically on larger acreage and ranch properties are located in both Shasta County and Lassen County.  If you are looking for some acreage to call your own, you might search Northern California real estate and find everything you are looking for in a Pittville or McArthur home for sale.   With many creeks and rivers, large ranch properties, and smaller acreage homes for sale, Pittville has what you are looking for.  It’s fertile land and picturesque rolling hills make it a coveted location.   Pittville has become  a community of beautiful  country homes with dramatic views overlooking the Pitt River,  Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta.  In Pittville, the median price of homes is approximately $180,000 to $200,000, while properties with larger acreage are usually priced from $350,000 to upwards of $600,000.

From most anywhere in the Fall River Valley, you’ll find yourself within minutes of a multitude of outdoor recreational activities.  Whether you prefer world class fly-fishing, hunting, golfing at the four-star, Clark Glasson designed championship course, hiking, birding, camping, canoeing, kayaking, skiing or bicycling, you have found pure outdoor recreational bliss.

Surrounded and protected by Shasta, Lassen and Modoc National Forests our valleys have historically been farming, cattle and timber communities. As times have changed and as more and more folks want to escape the cities to enjoy their sport or relax in the country, the Intermountain Area has slowly been discovered.  Now is your time to join our wonderful community!