Big Valley

Located northeast of the Fall River Valley, are the communities of Bieber, Adin and Lookout.  Spread over 25 square miles, this rural area is commonly known as Big Valley, known for wide open farm and ranch land.  The two main crops grown in this region are alfalfa hay grass and wild rice.  While most of the residents of these small towns and out-lying areas work in agriculture, others find employment in the health care industry, education and other service-related fields.  Surrounded by timber, logging at one time was one of Big Valley’s main industries.

Big Valley offers most everything you need to live and work.  From health and dental services to grocery stores, to schools, Big Valley as a whole, is a tight-knit community.  The town is fortunate to have a community center and swimming pool, offering a great place to cool off in the summer.  The Big Valley School District offers grades Kindergarten through 12th.  For those visiting the area, most people will find a larger selection of lodging and restaurants in the Fall River Valley, however the town of Bieber does have one motel that offers comfortable rooms for those who might be traveling through the area.  McArthur and Fall River Mills are a short drive away for those wanting to eat out, or visit the library and movie theater.  Alturas is a much larger town that is another 40 minutes east on 299E.

Big Valley and surrounding area is known for hunting, fishing and a variety of other outdoor recreational activities.  A seasonal place to live, you’ll have snow and often times very frigid temperatures in the winter, and warm summer days, cooling off in the evening.  The sunsets over the mountains and cloud shadows that are cast upon the beautiful farm ground, offer a peaceful and simple place to live, with modern conveniences only a short drive away.