Children living in the towns and outlying areas of Fall River Mills, McArthur and Burney attend school in the Fall River Joint Unified School District.  This district encompasses two elementary schools, Kindergarten through 6th, one located in Burney and one in Fall River Mills.  Junior high and high school students, 7th through 12th, attend class at Burney High or in McArthur at the Fall River Jr. Sr. High School.  Additionally, this school district offers Continuation School and Community Day classes.  If you find yourself living in the communities of Hat Creek and Cassel, a call to the district office will help determine which school your children would attend.

Fall River Joint Unified School District


For families living in the communities of Big Valley, children attend school in the Big Valley Joint Unified School District.  Both Big Valley Elementary, Kindergarten through 6th, and Big Valley Jr. Sr. High School are located in Bieber.

Big Valley Joint Unified School District


For parents looking to enroll their pre-K children in pre-school, there are wonderful programs available from the hands-on, parent run Intermountain Preschool Co-Op in McArthur to the Transitional Kindergarten program at Fall River Elementary to the outstanding preschool and daycare located at the Intermountain Community Center in Burney.

Intermountain Preschool Co-Op:  (530)-336-6655
Intermountain Community Center:  (530)-335-4600