Jenifer Lindsay

Every agent works hard to get your business, but Allison just never stops working for you. I was telling a friend of mine about how impressed I was with her and I said “Allison drives the deal like a Maserati on a mountain road.” She is fast, powerful, and intelligent. She gets the details right, uses technology extremely well, and communicates thoroughly–all while never losing sight of the bigger picture. She shifts her focus seamlessly as the needs of a deal change with new information. Allison has a voracious appetite for information and intelligence and not just the local market wisdom, but the process of how lenders and appraisers and inspectors work. She is not one to rest on her laurels and brag about her years of experience; she stays on top of current trends and conditions and requirements. All that knowledge means that valuable time is not wasted. Possibly Allison’s greatest gift is that she is fearless in the hard conversations and difficult decisions that characterize an unsteady marketplace. She was deeply generous in the gift her time to help me understand the market conditions I found myself in as I sold my late mother’s house. Allison is a joy to work with, and she has spoiled me for anyone else.